Ludlow Hunt P2P 2017

April 02, 2017  •  1 Comment

Yesterday, I attended the Ludlow Hunt P2P at Bitterly.. Arriving during the first proper April shower of the year, Mirvanda found herself momentarily stuck in the mud (thankfully saved by two very strong men - thank you, if you are reading!) and I think we were all praying for a brighter afternoon.

Thankfully we were blessed with this, and all seven races were run in glorious sunshine.. this did pose a slight question photography wise, as it left the majority of the course heavily backlit but thankfully I had plenty of time to search for the best possible spots to place the cameras, and the images came out well.

I will admit that as a photographer, Point to Points do usually have me (and the rest of the team!) running around like a collection of crazy headless chickens!

For me this is usually because I'm rushing between the last fence and the paddock, and it is possible to get so caught up in getting the important shots, that I almost forget to stop and take a second to capture the smaller, more gentle moments away from the main action...

I think my favorite images always seem to come from 'behind the scenes' and yesterday I really tried to make a point of wondering through the lorry park, taking my time between races, and here are some of the results.

Full Gallery of official images from the Point to Point can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

Camera 1 (4)Camera 1 (4) Camera 1 (11)Camera 1 (11) Camera 1 (52)Camera 1 (52) Camera 1 (81)Camera 1 (81) Camera 1 (99)Camera 1 (99) Camera 1 (105)Camera 1 (105) Camera 1 (590)Camera 1 (590) Camera 1 (661)Camera 1 (661) Camera 1 (618)Camera 1 (618) Camera 4 (56)Camera 4 (56) Camera 1 (98)Camera 1 (98) Camera 1 (97)Camera 1 (97)



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